Suncor Energy Foundation donates $1 million in addition to commitment to match $500,000 in donations annually for four years

The Wood Buffalo Community Foundation (WBCF) would like to thank Suncor Energy Foundation for its incredible donation of $1 million dollars in addition to its commitment to matching $500,000 in donations annually for four years. 

“We’re thrilled the Suncor Energy Foundation is one of our first founding partners. This generous gift puts us well on the path to achieving our $10 million fundraising target,” said Maureen Cormier Jackson, WBCF Chair. “Everyone in this region will benefit from this donation for generations to come. Unlike other charities in the region, we invest the donations we receive and provide grants to eligible community organizations using the interest earned from those investments. We call it ‘investing today for a stronger tomorrow’.”

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Without the support of Suncor and Suncor Energy Foundation, the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation would not have been able to launch in June. 

Thanks to this donation and commitment to matching funds, the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation is well on its way to reaching its $10 million fundraising goal. 

You can help us reach that goal by making a donation that will have double the impact thanks to Suncor's matching dollars. 

If you donate in the first operating year of the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation, you will become a member of the Founders' Circle. Learn more about why to donate here.