Collaboration Project To Strengthen Wood Buffalo Social Profits

Three social profit agencies today announced a collaboration project to help strengthen the Social Profit Sector of Wood Buffalo by working together to coordinate efforts within the region.

The Boards of the United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo, FuseSocial, and the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation have empowered a steering committee to explore ways to create a shared vision of the desired future for the social profit sector, as well as a plan of funded activities to achieve that vision over a three- to five-year period. The committee is also expected to define the roles of each organization within the plan.

The membership of the steering committee will be:

United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo – Steve Yatauro, Board Chair and Cecilia Mutch, Executive Director

FuseSocial – John Evans, Board Chair and Chantal Beaver, Executive Director

Wood Buffalo Community Foundation – Shelley Powell, Board Chair and Tony Mankowski, Board Member

As time progresses, the inclusion of other organizations will be imperative to the success of this project and their participation will be sought in this collaborative effort.

The initial proposed steps of the committee include a consultation process for input, developing a strategy focused on overall impact, and aligning roles and responsibilities for each recommended project in order to minimize duplication and maximize collaboration.


“Wood Buffalo is a great community and we want the social profit sector to continue to thrive. This collaboration is a good starting point to creating a plan that will strengthen the sector and have many positive outcomes for our community.”

- John Evans, Board Chair, FuseSocial

“The timing is right for collaboration and it is our intent to lead by example. There is an opportunity today to move forward in a way that is unified and to develop our sector in a planned, coordinated approach for the future.”

- Steve Yatauro, Board Chair, United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo

“Working together will only make us better. If our sector has learned anything from the fires it is that collaborative efforts can and do make a difference in the lives of the people we are trying to reach. We are excited to be a part of this initiative.”

- Shelley Powell, Board Chair, Wood Buffalo Community Foundation


United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo website:

FuseSocial website:

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Media contacts:

Cecilia Mutch
United Way Fort McMurray and Wood Buffalo
780 791-0077 ext 3016

Chantal Beaver
780 791 9333 ext 3070

Shelley Powell
Wood Buffalo Community Foundation
(780) 792-9114