creating a personal legacy

What if you could make a difference in your community, not only today or in your lifetime, but forever?

Wood Buffalo Community Foundation helps donors create that kind of vibrant, ongoing support. We do this by establishing endowment funds. The power of the endowment is felt over time, creating a permanent legacy.

Creating your own personal endowment fund is more affordable than most people think. Your endowment can be built over time and becomes fully operational when it reaches $10,000. Each year, four per cent of the fund value is granted to the causes or organization that mean the most to you (this percentage is reviewed regularly). It doesn’t take very long for the fund to grant the full amount of the original gift and remain stronger than ever, providing multiples of that support for generations to come.

We would be honoured to help you create a personal legacy with your gift. By establishing a fund at the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation during your lifetime, you lay the groundwork for creating a permanent legacy to the community. Your legacy gift will help the organizations and causes that matter the most to you, so they can continue their work for future generations.

WBCF is beginning to partner with lawyers, financial planners, accountants, and others to share our collective knowledge, tools, and connections to assist clients and build a better community. At this time, Wood Buffalo Community Foundation is working with the Edmonton Community Foundation to tap into their expertise in this area. However all funds remain in the Wood Buffalo Community Foundations Funds and support charitable causes in the RMWB.

Endowment funds are the best way for your clients to build their lasting legacy. There are also excellent tax benefits that come with making gifts a part of your client’s estate and financial plans.

Click here to visit our simple-to- use tax calculator to help you illustrate to your clients how much tax a gift can save.

Clients don’t need to gift millions of dollars to create a fund. An endowment fund can be established with as little as $10,000. Each year, we grant a portion of the fund (currently 4%) to support the charitable projects, organizations, and causes your client has identified. This means that the fund will continue to grow and give in perpetuity. Click here to learn more about how endowment funds work.

Professional advisors partner with ECF for many reasons:

  • We make the gifting process easy and straightforward for your client. We have spent countless hours developing and refining a gifting process that is concise, transparent, and able to meet your client’s needs and wishes. There has never been an easier way for people to start building their lasting legacy.

  • We specialize in charitable giving. We have years of experience matching donors’ wishes with the organizations and causes important to them. This will save you time so you can focus on your areas of expertise.

  • Our unparalleled expertise about charities here at home and beyond means that your clients will have peace of mind. They will know their generosity is making the greatest impact possible.

  • We pride ourselves in using our in-depth skills and experience building relationships to provide your client with excellent service.

  • We also understand that trust is the foundation of every relationship. That is why we ensure client’s confidentiality is held to the highest standard. Click here to read our privacy policy.

  • We ensure your client’s wishes are recorded clearly, completely, and accurately. We do this through a concise and comprehensive fund agreement. Providing your clients with the confidence that their legacy will be created and managed according to their wishes is of the utmost importance to us.

These are just a few of the reasons ECF is known as Edmonton’s foundation for lasting legacies. If you’re a lawyer or financial advisor that has questions about how we can help your client, please contact our Donor Services Team by email at or by phone at 780-426-0015.

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