How to Donate

WBCF is a very new part of the global community foundation network. We are partnering with the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF) to assist us with the processes of taking in donations and investment of the funds. ECF has years of experience and professional financial management advisors to ensure the security and growth of our funds. All funds raised for Wood Buffalo will stay in Wood Buffalo.

You can make an unrestricted donation as part of our Community Endowment Fund. By gifting to this fund, you are supporting emerging and priority needs in our community.

OR, you can create a fund to address a specific local need by doing one of the following:

  1. Directing your gift to a personal field of interest to support important areas of community life, or;

  2. Choosing to take an active role in selecting which charities your funds will support each year, by providing direction to the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation Board, or;

  3. Choosing a specific local charity or charities to support each year.

You can donate almost any type of personal asset: cash, shares/mutual funds, an insurance policy, or a gift in a will. The Edmonton Community Foundation currently supports the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation with sophisticated financial services advisors to help you choose your option(s) and plan your gift.

The federal and provincial governments offer generous tax credits for donating to registered Canadian charities like the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation. Be sure to get advice from your own legal and tax advisors before making any gift so you are making the best possible choices for your family, estate and strategic tax situation.

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Our initial fundraising goal is $10 million of endowed funds. Four percent of our endowed funds are granted annually to qualified registered charities in Wood Buffalo, in the areas of education, social and health programs, arts and culture, environment, sports and recreation, and emerging community needs. Our investment and administrative costs are expected to be in the range of one to 1.5 percent.

As we build our assets to make grants available to charitable organizations in Wood Buffalo, we’ll ensure your gift supports community organizations and causes that align with your interests and passions. Whatever you want to accomplish, we’ll work with you to realize your vision for a strong, resilient Wood Buffalo.

If you plan to donate over $10,000 please contact Mark Shaw by phone (403) 669-8960 or email to discuss the options available to you.

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