why donate to a community foundation?

Community foundations play a crucial role in helping people give back to their community in meaningful ways. We connect people, families and companies with causes that inspire them.

We pool resources, knowledge and expertise, working with others for even greater impact.  And we help donors realize their philanthropic goals by matching their interests with community needs and finding innovative ways to make every donation count for the long term.

what makes a community foundation special?

A community foundation is special because it takes a long-term view. It adds permanence to community-based personalized donor service. It takes a very broad perspective with a real commitment to community service.

Why DONATE to the WOOD BUFFALO Community Foundation?

  • The Wood Buffalo Community Foundation provides you with unique opportunities to contribute to gaps in our communities not currently being addressed by existing charities.

  • Your donation can be made to the community fund endowment, ensuring long-term impact and a lasting personal legacy.

  • You can also create a donor-specific fund of your own, tailored to your fields of interest or designated to specific charities.

  • We connect you with the causes that inspire you and help you realize your vision for the community.

  • Financial services professionals manage all our funds.

what are the tax benefits of giving?

  • The Wood Buffalo Community Foundation is a registered charity. The government offers generous tax credits for donating to charity. For example, a gift of $100,000 may only cost you $53,650.

  • Tax benefits may depend on your income. We recommend that you consult with your financial advisor(s) to ensure you receive the best tax treatment possible.

  • Tax benefits may also depend on the structure of your gift. You can donate almost any type of personal asset: cash, shares/mutual funds, an insurance policy, or a gift in a will.

Can I create a legacy with my donation?

  • Yes. We would be honored to help you. By establishing a fund at the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation during your lifetime, you lay the groundwork for creating a permanent legacy to charity.

  • There are two main giving options available at our community foundation. You can create a fund to address a specific local need or make an unrestricted donation as part of our community endowment fund.

  • The Wood Buffalo Community Foundation will be supported by the Edmonton Community Foundation which has professional staff and sophisticated financial services advisors to help you chose your option(s) and plan your gift.

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