Welcome to the Founders Circle

Our generous donors are the backbone of our organization, and our Founders Circle Members have made an extraordinary contribution to both the launch and success of the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation. The members below are recognized in the Founders Circle for making a donation in our first year of operation.

Continue reading below to learn more about our Founders Circle Members and why they chose to donate.


Kevin and Lori Nabholz

Why we donate:

“Both Lori and I grew up in Fort McMurray and it is the place we call home. We had great careers and raised our family there. We saw it grow from a small community of 2000 people, to the thriving city it is now. The region has had its challenges over the last decade, but it was very good to us and we want to try and help make it a great place for those who follow us.”


Eric and Diane Axford

Why we donate:

“We are proud to support WBCF given our long affiliation and fondness for this community. We first came here in 1989, after accepting a government job in the oil sands. It seemed like a special place to us even then, with its diversity, unique history and welcoming spirit. We subsequently lived in the community twice and are so fortunate to have built a successful family, career, and network of lifelong friends there – a truly special place!”

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Cliff and Ginette Britch

Why we donate:

“The WBCF has provided many of us with an opportunity to support the community in a tangible way, to show our appreciation for the benefits we derived for being citizens of Wood Buffalo, and thus enhancing life in some small way for the existing and future citizens of Wood Buffalo.”


Mike and Jill Agnew

Why we donate:

“We have lived in the region for over two decades, raising our family and growing with the community. We want to give back as we have benefited from our time here. Hopefully our donation will, in some way, help others realize their goals and aspirations.”

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Cathy Glover

Why I donate:

“I was often introduced as being from Fort McMurray, even though I was never a resident. It made me feel proud to think that I was involved enough in the community that you thought of me as one of your own. I’ve always believed that this was the most unique community in Canada, with the potential to fundamentally innovate new ways of working together and providing service to families and community members. I want to be sure that those opportunities exist in the future, regardless of the swings in the economy.

As a retiree from Suncor I have benefited from Fort McMurray - from all of the great work that has been done, not only in industry, but in community. I hope that with my gift, and the matching provided by Suncor Energy Foundation, I will be able to continue to support Wood Buffalo for years to come in recognition of all that I have received from being part of your community.”


Deprise Hutton

Why I donate:

“No matter how far I travel Fort McMurray will forever be my home! I was born and raised in this amazing city and it has provided my family with an absolutely amazing life. I truly know that I would not be who I am or where I am today without the support this community has provided me throughout the years. It has provided me with an exciting childhood, excellent education, vast work experience, priceless connections and relationships, career growth I would not receive anywhere else, and the ability to build my small business.

When I heard about the WBCF launching I knew that this was my opportunity to give back to the community. It was my chance to make a difference and invest in the future of our region.

My hope for Fort McMurray is that the community continues to invest, connect and support each other. There is no place like home.”

Founders Circle Member (5).png

Anna Sienen

Why I donate:

“When the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation first launched in Wood Buffalo, I attended the launch event. This was long before I joined the Foundation as a board member. A speaker from Community Foundations of Canada told a story of a mother who was not well off, but wanted to support her community to be a better place to live so her children could continue to grow up in a great community. After hearing about her local community foundation, she made a donation of $1.00 cash directly into the hands of the leader. It was all she had, and she had to do without to make that donation, but she knew she needed to support her community.

It was that story that changed my perception of community foundations. I used to believe that community foundations were only for philanthropists that could afford to give substantial amounts of money. What I learned from this wonderful story is that anyone, no matter who you are or where you come from, can make a difference in your local community for years to come with as little as $1.00 at a time. This is why I give to the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation. So that my children can live in a sustainable, thriving community for years to come.”

Founders Circle Member (2).png

Tami Tranquada and Paul Galachiuk

Why we donate:

“Living in Fort McMurray for sixteen years shaped and enriched our lives, our family and our future. The city has given us so much, we feel it is time to give back to ensure other families can experience the same joy of living there that we did. In the words of Helen Keller, ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’”

The Full Circle

Suncor Energy Foundation | Diamond-Level Donor

Syncrude Canada Ltd | Diamond-Level Donor

Richard L. George | Platinum-Level Donor

Mark & Ruth Little | Gold-Level Donor

Kevin & Lori Nabholz | Gold-Level Donor

John & Leslie Wilson | Gold-Level Donor

Mike & Annette MacSween | Gold-Level Donor

Eric & Diane Axford | Gold-Level Donor

Maureen Cormier Jackson | Silver-Level Donor

Linda & Gord Ball | Silver-Level Donor

Mark & Teresa Shaw | Silver-Level Donor

Cliff & Ginette Britch | Silver-Level Donor

Tony & Monica Mankowski | Silver-Level Donor

Cathy Glover | Bronze-Level Donor

Glen Finnson | Bronze-Level Donor

Paul Galachiuk & Tami Tranquada | Bronze-Level Donor

Marlie &Steve Burtt | Bronze-Level Donor

Steve & Mary Williams | Bronze-Level Donor

Brenda Erskine | Copper-Level Donor

Chris & Shelley Powell | Copper-Level Donor

Ron & Paula Genereux | Copper-Level Donor

Paul & Colleen Kearney | Copper-Level Donors

Mike & Jill Agnew | Copper-Level Donors

Dr. Tom & Elaine Lawley | Copper-Level Donors

Emma Erskine | Community-Level Donor

John Kuefler | Community-Level Donor

Martin Garber-Conrad | Community-Level Donor

Kathryn Hawksworth | Community-Level Donor

Tracey Wolsey | Community-Level Donor

Deprise Hutton | Community-Level Donor

Helen Davies | Community-Level Donor

Philip Wortman & Caileigh Rhind | Community-Level Donors

Tracey Ball | Community-Level Donor

Laurie Lee | Community-Level Donor

Kathy & Dave Schleen | Community-Level Donor

Anna Sienen | Community-Level Donor

Kim Nordbye | Community-Level Donor

John Carruthers | Community-Level Donor

Bill Martin Photography | Community-Level Donor

Wood Buffalo Pest Control Services | Community-Level Donor