MESSAGE FROM founding chair Maureen cormier jackson

I am very proud to be a founder of the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation. While this concept has been talked about for years, it is now real. The economic downturn and the Fort McMurray wildfire took a toll on this community. It was that devastation that gave me the drive and the energy to give back in a big way by taking on the task of starting the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation. With the help of a small steering committee, we became incorporated on March 28, 2017.

The foundation has so much to offer this community. There is a need for the stability, the support and the long-term growth potential that a community foundation brings. I only hope that as we look out 10 years from now, we can say “we made a difference”. We, the Board of Directors, firmly believe that we are investing today for a stronger tomorrow. Please get involved and make the Wood Buffalo Community Foundation be everything it can be for you and your community.