how it works

WBCF is a very new part of the global community foundation network. At this time, we are in the process of building up our assets and endowment funds in order to be able to make grants to charitable organizations in Wood Buffalo. We are partnering with the Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF)to assist us with the processes of taking in donations, investment of the funds and grant making. ECF has years of experience and professional financial management advisors to ensure the security and growth of our funds. All funds raised for Wood Buffalo will stay in Wood Buffalo.

Donate Now

If you plan to donate over $10,000 please contact Kathy Hawkesworth and we can explain some options to you for creating specific funds if you desire to do so. 

Please contact Kathy Hawkesworth:  |  Office 780-426-0015 Ext 112  |  mobile 780-257-9566